Timber Wall Replacement

it's time to tear down your old wall.

If you have a timber wall that needs to come down, we are here to help. The amazing look of  a boulder retaining wall can be easily designed to replace the old timber wall. We have been tearing down and rebuilding new walls for many years. 


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Choose your new wall type and boulder choice below

Wall Types

TRADITIONAL   |   Naturalistic

After your old wall has come down it's time to rebuild. Choose between 2 types of amazing retaining walls.


Our most popular choice, the traditional retaining wall is great for everyone. You can add dimension and personality to your yard with multiple tiers of landscape by building a new retaining wall. Perfect for large walkways, stairways, planting or simply elevation change. If you can dream it we can build it. 

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This amazing natural outcropping style allows you to keep lots of open space for planting. You can fit a variety of trees, bushes and flowers around these large boulders. This wall style works great alongside rock gardens and large stepping stone walkways.

Boulder Choices


We offer 3 types of stones for you to choose from, each creating a unique look. Browse our galleries to find your favorite stone.


Limestone has been around for ages because of its strength and unique look. This versatile stone works great for all.


Fieldstone is a naturally shaped stone. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors, giving good variety to your yard.


Iron Range boulders resemble the shape of Limestone. However their unique coloring and texture makes for a great choice.